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By Angel Chavez

Oil Paint on Canvas

24 x 18"


"This concept is connected to other pieces I have sketched and painted about reoccurring short dreams in 2011 where I walk outside, and the trees are acting as if they are live musical instruments playing a concert. This concept came to me in 2011 and was the first piece I painted from my sketches. When I came to the United States, I worked a schedule and my shift ended at 2 am. One night I was driving home exhausted, and I could see the trees moving from a strong wind. I showered and fell asleep with my earbuds in. I dreamt a surrealistic dream that I could hear music playing, so I walked outside to see that the trees were moving as if they were becoming different instruments putting on a concert. In college, I learned about Salvador Dalí, and I started thinking that this was a type of art I wanted to explore. My idea was to represent all of the instruments; piano, strings of a harp, pipes of an organ, and the bow of a violin in one music note. The pieces of the curtains represent the curtains that usually open and close the concert. The litle music note on the bow is enjoying the music and the other one is playing the music. The one at the botom is waiting its turn to play."



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