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Pueblo Magico

Pueblo Magico

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By Angel Chavez

Screenprint on paper

18 x 24"


"The style is surrealism mixed with my cultural heritage. This is a Mexican wonderland, similar to Alice’s wonderland. The doors and windows take you to different places. A traditional concept in Mexico is “pueblo magicos,” a touristic program that designates and promotes cultural and historical places around the country. It reminds me of Guanajuato; the state I was born. The buildings are made of books that represent knowledge; the more you read, the more creative you become from imagining the story in your head. Like the independence-era buildings in Guanajuato City, the book buildings are torn and battle-worn. The clock and mariachi represent cities that have small plazas and monuments. There are no pandas in Mexico, but they represent people from other countries that appreciate our culture and embrace it. If you keep looking, you will find other hidden meanings."



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