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Native Vibes

Native Vibes

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By Angel Chavez

Acrylic Paint on Canvas

40 x 30"


"I wanted to explore painting with acrylic for the first time, and I also wanted to try a new art style. I learned about the histories and cultures of the American Indian groups from visiting museums. In Mexico, I grew up learning about my Mayan and Aztec heritage. There are similarities and differences between the groups in the United States and Mexico. Some groups were closely related and traded often since there were no borders like the ones we have today. It opened my mind to think about how these groups might be more connected before Europeans came to the Americas than I knew. I wanted to portray elements of their cultures in this design as an acknowledgment of this connection."

All purchased artwork will be on display until the exhibition's conclusion. Kindly note that shipping costs are not included in the price of the artwork.

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