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El Violin

El Violin

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By Angel Chavez

Acrylic Paint on Canvas

28 x 22"


"This concept is connected to other pieces I have sketched and painted about reoccurring short dreams in 2011, where I walk outside, and the trees are acting as if they are live musical instruments playing a concert. I decided to do a violin because it always sounds so elegant to me. When I think about music notes, I think about a music teacher in high school who use to fall asleep in class and everyone would be quiet, take a nap, or doodle music notes on our paper so we didn’t wake the teacher. The strings of the violin are also the stave that music is written on, and together, it works together to produce the actual music coming from the instrument."

All purchased artwork will be on display until the exhibition's conclusion. Kindly note that shipping costs are not included in the price of the artwork.

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