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Alma Latina

Alma Latina

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by Felipe Gomez

Stain and Acrylic on layered birch

36 x 48”


Alma Latina is a series that celebrates the power and beauty of indigenous women. Through my art, I seek to express the sense of magic and connection that comes from living a life in tune with nature, one where we are intimately connected to the land, plants, and com­ munity around us. In this series, I present powerful images of women who embody this rooted in their traditions, and able to guide and support their communities. I aim to high­ light the strength, resilience, and wisdom of these women, and to inspire viewers to honor and respect the earth and the people who have lived in harmony with it for centuries. Through Alma Latina, I hope to contribute to a wider conversation about the value of indigenous knowledge and the need to preserve and celebrate the diversity of cultures and ways of life in our world today.



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